Does “worship” really change anything for us?

Last week I posted the song “Formed In Your Image,” a song about the connection between how we worship and how we live.

I mentioned that I was first introduced to Isaiah 58 by my friend Brandon Andress. Brandon is a prophetic writer and speaker who became a close friend and mentor of mine. I asked him if he had any writings on Isaiah 58 that I could share. So Brandon wrote a new blog titled “Revolutionary Worship…” exploring the passage and unfolding this idea of how worship and justice are intertwined for Christians. I highly recommend reading the full blog, but here’s my favorite quote:

The way God sees the world becomes the way we see the world. The heart that God has for the world becomes the heart we have for the world. And the healing and restorative way of God works it’s way out through our lives…Worship that is self-sacrificial leads to heart and life transformation and then manifests outward in one’s life working toward the reconciliation and restoration of people, relationships, and communities.

Brandon’s words and rereading Isaiah 58 were convicting for me. Does “worship” really change anything for us? Or do we walk away from our churches or prayers or Bibles unaffected? Does our worship lead to genuine spiritual transformation? Do our daily practices evoke the “restoration of people, relationships, and community”?

Lord, bring Your Kingdom in the spaces we occupy. Break our hearts for the oppressed and the down-and-out. Continually form us into Your image by the power of the Holy Spirit. Give us love and sacrifice toward our neighbor, for the benefit of Your Kingdom and glory. Amen.

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