This week I had the privilege of writing a guest post for Worship Links. It’s something I wrote to lead pastors and preachers about how they’re the “real worship leaders” of our churches. Now, I’m nowhere close to qualified for giving lead pastors or preachers any advice, other than maybe “here’s why you shouldn’t let your youth group kids play with lighters and cologne in the summer camp cabin.” But in my time leading worship, I’ve noticed how influential these pastors are in creating a culture of worship in their church. This post is a “thanks” to them.

Here’s a nibble of the post:

“Once when I was nine or ten years old I spent the summer at my grandma’s house. I’d just bought a sweet new plastic ninja sword, and I was playing by myself in her backyard pretending to be a Power Ranger or a Ninja Turtle or something. I was fighting some imaginary evil ninja bosses, and I was really taking names and feeling good about it.

My karate moves were complete with kicking sound effects and a hearty “hi-YA!” every now and then. I flew through the air taking out sixty-two bad guys with one jump kick. At one point I got swept up in a moment of ninja bliss, and busted a roundhouse that would have made Chuck Norris cry like a baby. But as I spun around, I froze in terror…”

(Melodramatic linkbait cliffhanger!)

…now go read the rest on the excellent Worship Links site!

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  1. Greg Watts July 5, 2014 at 11:05 am

    Nick, very nice article! My experience is not only with the church that I’m a member of; but I’m sure many have experienced that significant changes can occur at a moments notice in any church. This goes slightly beyond the “worship” aspect but at the same time is related to that aspect of any church. In my experience, the lead pastor, has always provided the strongest foundation and “link” in a church. At least that has been the case where I attend. The lead pastor role affects the worship aspect in not just the direction of the “style” of music; but, in how the music is related to the lead pastor’s message. Very good article and I appreciate your always respectful and honest discussions.

    • nickmorrowmusic July 5, 2014 at 3:38 pm

      Thanks Greg! Good thoughts…I think it’s interesting to see how the role of “lead pastor” has shifted over the last 50 years or so, too. It used to be that preachers almost always led the singing time, and were up front/on stage almost for the whole service. They often conducted the hymn-singing and acted like the MC’s for church services. Now, the preacher/teacher is usually less involved in the logistics of worship but still totally influences the culture I think. I’ve been fortunate to have some great examples of this over the years, as well!

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