lincoln harper piggy bankeditedBWAs of noon today, Lincoln’s fund + piggy bank has raised $621.84! We’re blown away and having a blast watching the story unfold.

I feel like we’d be remiss if we didn’t publicly thank all of the super kind people that have either donated to Lincoln’s fundraiser or significantly spread the word. Much thanks and appreciation to:

Jordan Laycock, Brittany Gray, Paul Korolenko, Casey Cole (Thunderbeard Records), Angela Jackson Photography, Ross Shotlund (Enjoy the Ride Records),Hannah Simonton,  Ali Elizabeth Photography, Adam Hudson, Varunchai Roongsang (from Bangkok!), Ronnie Williams, Anthony Tatman, Dot + Hugo and the Miller family, Sarah Lay, Kurt Manner, Klariza Hudson, Lindsay Melling, Sean O’Connor, Chelsea Reising, QMIX, KORN, MOJO, Sara Beth Merz, Scott Riddle, Tammy Miller, Dianna Peters, Sarah White, Nikki Wylie, & Lauren Lembcke.

I’m sure we forgot a few names. There have been dozens of other people (friends and strangers alike) that have sent encouraging emails, shared wisdom, posted comments, and helped spread the word to find Tangawizi. Many thanks to everyone. Melissa and I were really moved by Lincoln’s reaction to the pic of Tangawizi. We mainly posted it to share with friends and family. We love the story and are having a great time with this family project. It’s awesome  to see so many other people join the excitement.

A couple of important bits of info that’s worth sharing:

(1) Any additional funds that get raised (beyond the cost of bed + courier + lodging + travel) will go toward Tangawizi’s community. He hope to communicate Lincoln’s message of kindness to Tangawizi, but we also want to connect with and support his community on a longer-term basis.

 We realize that Tangawizi might be part of a tribal tradition, and they may not like the idea of being offered “help” when they never asked for it. There may be traditions/culture in place that we want to respect. This is not “white people trying to fix the world”- it’s one little boy wanting to help and onnect with another. In some ways, I hope us “adults” can taint the story as little as possible. What we really want is to establish some communication, show our goodwill and interest in their community, and ask if there is any way we can support them. We’re currently working out some details with our couriers to send a letter from Lincoln and communicate this to Tangawizi’s family.

(2) We are aware that we may be approaching a point where soliciting donations needs to be reported for tax reasons. We definitely want to stay on the up-and-up with this. I’m looking into what those laws are. If we’ve breached that point where we need to be reporting, we’ll be sure to take the appropriate steps to do so.

We’re currently in communication with a small team of people who are willing to buy a bed in Nairobi, Kenya, and try to find Tangawizi. Details soon…in the meantime, follow Lincoln’s story and share it with friends!

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